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6 years ago, I was a broke banker living in a south bronx project building. 

Now, I own a mini mansion in New York, and I travel the world with my wife and kids. 

All because I decided to fix a broken iPhone.

Now, I run multiple businesses & have several streams of passive income. I am a self made CEO of a 7 Figure Phone Repair / Buyback business that I started all by myself. Since then, I have personally hired several family and friends to work in my company. I have over 10 employees.

I did this all with no money and BAD credit. 

I've helped multiple people quit their jobs, and go full time in the Phone Repair Business. I have students making 6 figures a year in this business after taking my classes.

So I can show you how you can do this too. I decided to pour all my knowledge into this program to help others in bad financial situations turn their lives around. I hand jobs off to students both locally and in other states all the time. We can all eat.



Looking to fix their own devices, or make extra money fixing other people’s devices

If my 8-year old son can do it, so can you.

He completed his first repair within a few hours of watching me. I break It all down exactly as I did to my son when he was 8 years old, and I don't use any industry terms that you won't understand.

You don't need any certifications or degrees to learn this. I have a background in finance and I struggle with putting furniture together following diagrams. Phone Repair is not complicated like that.

 With the right tools and the right instructor, I believe anyone can do It.

YOU WILL LEARN SPECIFIC STRATEGIES I USE TO Generate $10K+ Profits Month After Month

That's about 70 Repairs, or 10 repairs a day for 7 days out of the month.

I take 20-30 minutes for a repair.

It will take you about an hour just starting out, so 70 hours a month yields you 5-7k.

Most people will be doing this after work, so you can expect 1-2 hours a day, 5 days a week, about $500-1000 a week. It all depends on how much time you want to put in.

How a Stay at home dad replaced his 9-5 income (and you can too)

2 Words. Phone Repair.
No tech background required. Yep. You read that right!


People looking for a get rich quick scheme. You can definitely make money doing this. It won't happen over night. 

You can make a living just repairing Phones. 

Did you know that 1 out of every 3 Americans damages their Phone every year?

That’s 1.4 billion dollars in a sector that is still grossly underserved.

Picture this:

If your phone is damaged and you take it to the manufacturer, it takes a ton of time. How can you be expected to be without your phone for an entire week? If you take it to a repair center, it costs too much, and still takes a long time!

This is where YOU come in. You can learn to provide instant and affordable Phone repair services to people.

If there are Phones in your country, then you can do this business.

Take me for example:

My name is Feldon and I am a stay at home dad with two children, a wife, and a family that I have to take care of. 

Time is not my friend.

I have no technology background.

I went to school for business and got a job the bank as a Licensed Private Client Banker.

This was all accidental. I got started doing this because in 2016 my son broke his Phone and I took it apart.

The rest is history!

I now perform hundreds of repairs every month.

I am often contracted by businesses to do repairs for their customers. (Including Apple!)

 Now I know what you’re thinking. I have no technical expertise, Feldon! I have no tools either!

What if I take some phone apart, and then get stuck? Worry not. I got you!

People need their phones fixed, they will choose you over someone else because you're able to offer:

- Competitive pricing,

- Fast turn-around, and


Take you for example.

When you order something on Amazon, you want it yesterday, right?

 With Mobile Phone Repair you can give people their devices back the SAME DAY. Other places take hours or days to repair phones, and they charge high prices because they have overhead etc.

 You can take advantage of this and offer your customers fast, affordable, and speedy repair.

 These results are not promised or guaranteed, but if you follow the blueprint then It is very likely that you will achieve similar results.

You will need to put the work in, but I am here to help make sure you succeed.

 Hey, if my 8-year old can do this, so can you. (He was my first student)

 Let’s get you started!

 See you inside,



  • IN-DEPTH VIDEO LECTURES: Showing you step by step how to take an iPhone apart and put it back together in one hour or less.
  • ACCESS TO OUR COMMUNITY GROUP: Join our EXCLUSIVE group with industry connections for Data Recovery, Micro Soldering, Bulk repairs, Water Damage repairs, back glass repairs & more!
  • DM ACCESS TO THE INSTRUCTOR FOR QUESTIONS AND FOLLOW UP: You can message me on Twitter or Instagram, or email, all of my contact information is in the course.
  • ​ACCESS TO LOW-COST ONE ON ONE CONSULTATIONS: If you need additional help, we can hop on a call for one on one coaching.
  • DOWNLOADABLE GUIDES AND MORE: You'll be able to download disclaimers, contracts for customers, and watch repair guides on the go!


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